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My first (minor) ouch!

November 17, 2010

Yesterday I hit up the Ventura skating rink for some extra practice. I went by myself which was intimidating, but I did it anyhow. I skated for close to an hour, practicing cross over steps (which I’ve only observed but hadn’t learned yet) and weaving in and out of little kids flying in every direction. As (un)luck should have it, the night I went was also the night that an elementary school was doing some kind of fundraiser there, so it was packed. Oh well, at least I got some skating time in. I feel like I’m getting more comfortable on wheels and maybe even a bit faster, too.

Tonight was day three of boot camp. I was determined to skate harder than this past Saturday. I skated my butt off on Saturday, mind you, but managed not to fall down, even once. My thoughts today were that I needed to push myself to the point of falling. If I wasn’t risking a fall, I wasn’t trying the moves hard enough.

Tonight, I managed to fall down several times. I was reminded how easy it is to fall on my knee pads, and that it doesn’t hurt. I love my knee pads! I got more confident. I was practicing a move intended for very coordinated people called the “drunken sailor” when I fell in a not so pretty way. The fall itself didn’t hurt me, but my already cramping muscles were unhappy about it, and I immediately got a cramp in my calf. When I stood up, I realized my quad muscles were also pissed off. I tried some light stretching and tried to skate it off, but one of the Betties noticed I was struggling with the cross overs (oddly enough, the move I’d been practicing the night before). When I told her I was having some muscle pain, she recommended that I sit out the rest of practice and ice it.

No biggie really. This, I’m sure, is the first of many. I hate feeling like I’m wimping out, but I also know better than to keep pushing myself through an injury (running injuries taught me that lesson. Twice). The part that pisses me off the most is just that I now have to rest. I had big plans tomorrow to go for a run or possibly try out my shiny new outdoor wheels (they are so pretty!), and then to go to a personal training session. The derby girls recommended that I ice and rest for 48 hours. Boo! But I will because it’s easier to get better now than to get better after I hurt myself worse. I’m going to call my trainer tomorrow to see if he thinks it would be better to cancel my session or if we can work around a pulled muscle.

The part that I’m proud of is that two years ago, I would have loved an excuse to rest. Now being active is fun for me and much of my free time is scheduled around fitness activities I can do. I’ve come a long way.


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