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Yes, I’m addicted and having skating withdrawals already.

November 21, 2010

I didn’t realize I’d become so addicted so quickly. I’m jonesing for some skating practice but have gotten derailed over the past few days.

On Tuesday, I strained a quad muscle and decided a needed a couple days of rest from my skates. Somehow I thought a couple of days meant that I wouldn’t skate all day Wednesday, and then Thursday morning I’d be fine. I packed up all my gear, put my outdoor wheels on, and found a parking lot to practice in.


Within 5 minutes, I realized my muscle was not back to normal yet. I was so ready to practice that I didn’t give myself enough time. I decided I needed a little more rest.

Yesterday I had fantasies about going to the skating rink. I heard that some of the girls were heading to Skating Plus to get some extra practice but a couple of things got in my way. Work turned out to last longer than I planned, and I spent the whole day feeling under the weather. By the time I got off work, it was almost 9 PM. I came home and was asleep by 10. Being a grown up sucks (sometimes). I miss the days when I can run myself into the ground and keep going.

Today I missed practice entirely. I was determined to go, but realized that “under the weather” had taken a turn towards feeling kinda flu-ish. Boo!

All my talk about being determined to do this, get better at skating, push myself beyond my limits—it’s still there, but I definitely struggle with knowing when to keep pushing myself and when to back off. I don’t want to hurt myself by overdoing it (as I learned with running I have a tendency to do), but I also don’t want to wuss out when I have it in me.

For now, My skate bag, two sets of wheels, and my tools are waiting in my car for the first opportunity I get to roll around some more. In the meantime, maybe I’ll practice changing out my wheels and bearings because it shouldn’t take me 30+ minutes each time I want to go from indoor to outdoor wheels and back.

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