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Rain Rain Go Away

January 2, 2011

One of the great things about Southern California is the weather. Most of the year, it’s beautiful. Usually we can depend on clear skies and plenty of outdoor activities, even skating on an outdoor track. Most of the time.

Today, the day of the skills assessements we have been working toward for the past eight weeks, it rained. While I can’t say that I’m entirely ready for assessments, I’m definitely disappointed that they are postponed. I could be grateful that I have a few more days to work on skills, but the truth is that I’m just ready to do assessments, accept the outcome, and move on.

Yesterday we had an unstructured opportunity to do some last minute practicing. I got to work on some of the skills that had been driving me mad, including the one-footed glide on my right foot and the plow stop. The glide on my right foot is a funny thing. Part of me thinks my foot/ankle must be disfigured or something, because my ankle turns in and I just can’t seem to keep my weight centered over me. The other part of me knows that it’s in my head. Either way, I nearly conquered it yesterday, getting to the point where I could glide the length of the track on it about half of the time, which is significantly better than none of the time. I do feel a bit more comfortable with the plow stop but still don’t pull it off consistently.

Then we practiced endurance. Remember when I did this a few weeks ago and I felt like my endurance was fine but my footwork was holding me back? This time, it was my burning lungs that were keeping me from going faster. That, and the fall I took on the first lap. At the end of five minutes, I had done 24 and 1/4 laps, just short of the 25 I need to pass. I was hoping that I could at least have the peace of mind of knowing that I could either do the 25 laps, or would be so far short of the 25 that I really don’t need to stress about passing. The way it stands, I may pass by the skin of my teeth. Or not.

Now that assessments are postponed, I’m debating whether I should use this time to keep practicing, or if I should just use this time to Chill the F Out. Since I can’t decide, I’ve got my skate bag, a change of clothes, and a change of wheels in the trunk of my car–just in case.

P.S. Days like today wouldn’t be quite so gloomy if the Betties were blessed with an indoor track.

P.P.S. Santa Barbara needs a roller rink. Matt had a dream the other night that he had one-million million dollar bills (a trillion?) which he plopped down on a table in front of some political committee and declared, “I’m going to build a roller skating rink.” He would be the DJ and would play un-crappy music. Yeah, he’s about as addicted as I am. It’s nice to have something we can obsess about together.

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  1. January 2, 2011 11:58 pm

    Cool post!! I could never roller derby but I appreciate your tenacity!

  2. Eleanor Elliott permalink
    January 3, 2011 2:43 am

    Hi PTSDee. I strongly agree. We need a roller rink in Goleta/Santa Barbara, not an ice skating rink. And, yes, the roller derby is addicting. It is nice to have a healthy addiction. Sincerely, Storm

  3. IndyGo Wylde permalink
    January 3, 2011 4:03 am

    Well, Good luck next time. I can see how hard you have been working for this, and would LOVE to see you pass!

  4. January 4, 2011 1:17 am

    If you are that close to your 25/5, and got that even though you fell, you will do fine in your assessment. Just remember to pace yourself and get out of your own head. Never stop moving your feet!! Best of luck 🙂

    • January 4, 2011 4:59 am

      Thanks! Assessments have been rescheduled for this coming Sunday so I hope to at least get the endurance part, even if it means I puke on the track when I’m done. Getting out of my own head is great advice and I’m working on that as well.

  5. January 4, 2011 3:19 pm

    Helpful hint: puke OFF the track. 😉

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