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Catching up on the past few weeks

May 22, 2011

Well obviously I haven’t been keeping up with this blog as much as I would like.  Between working, kids, marriage, working some more, ref practice, and a weekly trip to the rink, I feel like I’ve barely had time to breathe.  Even my fun is exhausting at this point.  I need a day of nothing, and I predict that Monday will be that day.  Absolutely nothing planned.  And that nothing just may include a beach skate or a run.  See how long my nothing lasts?

I meant to blog about the Betties’ most recent bout, but it kind of came and went in a blur.  The Betties won 242-48.  Pretty brutal.  I worked the electronic scoreboard for the first half and trained someone to take over for the second half so that I could take some photos.  It was SO MUCH FUN taking photos! Sports photography is definitely a (blurry) challenge, but a fun one.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The last photo is me with some girls from the Derby Justice League.  I’m the blonde in front.

The following weekend was Battle for the Coast, a two-day tournament between 10 teams.  I got to see my first men’s bout, which was pretty awesome to watch.  The men’s bout seemed like such a different kind of game.  The pack was fast, the jammers were fast, there was lots of jumping and sliding, and did I mention it was fast?  In comparison, the Bay Area Derby Girls who took first place in the tournament, seemed to win with amazing defense rather than balls-to-the wall jamming.  More strategy, less brute force.  That’s the way I saw it anyway.

Currently we’re preparing for the next Betties bout on June 4th against Central California Area Derby Atomic Assault.  The most exciting part for me is that I have a chance of making my referee debut as an Ouside Pack Ref.  I’m studying my rules, practicing calling out penalties by my self while driving to work, and spent about an hour today working on my tomahawk stops.  I feel pretty in control of my skating but working on my confidence to blow my whistle loudly and call penalties.  I have to admit that I’m nervous about making a bad call or having a collision that sends me out into the crowd.  I’d LOVE to be out there at the bout, but I also know the referee list hasn’t been finalized yet, so things could change.  Fingers crossed!

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  1. Judy D'Amore permalink
    May 22, 2011 6:45 pm

    Wonderful photos!

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