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I did it!

August 16, 2011

After 6 months of skating with the Derby Justice League, cheap skate night at the rink, and on the bike paths, I finally got to tryout for the league and I passed!

I’m now officially a “prospect” on the league, which means I can now participate in practices and trainings.  I still plan to keep reffing if time will allow, as I love my DJL crew.  Between practice, DJL, and the upcoming Bettie Fit off-skates workouts (oh yeah, and work) my schedule will be packed!  I’ll have to see how this works out.  I already know that my work schedule won’t let me do all of it all the time, but I can at least do some of it most of the time.

So tryouts…

The first day included the minimum skills that I already knew I could do, plus some I hadn’t done before, specifically hockey stops and power slides.  I did better than I thought at some things and not as well as I know I could have on other things.  But that’s how it goes, right?  I did get some good feedback on my plow stops and also my hip bumps.  That was good to hear because I had so little experience with contact prior to about a month ago.

The scrimmage was a challenge.  My main goal was to skate safe and not be a hazard to other people.  Based on the fact that I wasn’t pulled out part way through, I think I succeeded at that.  I tried to look around, stay with someone, help my jammer, block their jammer…OMG.  There is sooooo much happening at once.  I need a few more sets of eyeballs.  I also realized how two minutes can feel so long when you’re skating in a jam, yet so short when you’re trying to catch your breath after the last one.

Overall, lots to improve on but I’m proud of myself.  I did something new even though it was scary.  I took feedback and tried to use it.  I got knocked around and kept getting up.  I was told by a pretty heavy hitter that I don’t go down easily (at least not in the first half).  I’m proud that I fed and hydrated myself well enough to get through the weekend without any issues (no headaches and minimal dizziness).  I’m also happy that with all the knocking around, I only have a few bruises and soreness–no sharp pain anywhere, no limping.

Mostly I’m proud that I kept working on being a better skater and learning the game when I could have shrugged and walked away in January when I got sick.  Or maybe I couldn’t.  I tend to be stubborn when I put my mind to something.

Now comes the good part where I get to attend practices and learn how to do better!

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  1. Trish, aka CodeMauler permalink
    August 16, 2011 1:22 pm

    HOW FREAKIN’ AWESOME IS THAT!?! You set your goals, put your shoulder behind the effort and LOOK WHAT YOU DID!! I’m so happy for you; lots of hard work really paid off.

    Way to go!!

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